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World’s first ISP Geo-Unblocking company to launch European & Asia Pacific Regions with two new ISP’s

Thu 5th Mar 2015

Bypass Network Services Limited (BNSL) announced today that agreements have been executed for the international expansion of Global Mode® into two new countries. Global Mode® is the world’s first wholesale geo-unblocking solution. BNSL first launched Global Mode® in 2013. The high uptake of Global Mode® is due to a differentiated commercial model, which has accelerated the company’s decision for expansion into two new territories.

“We are excited about the tremendous opportunity internationally” says Matthew Jackson, BNSL’s Co-Founder and Commercial Director. “We founded the company with hopes of opening up the Internet to give consumers a choice. We realised that there was a high demand for streaming services to be available in New Zealand and abroad – and got tired of waiting for it to become readily accessible.” We tested the business model in our market, and proved we could provision large ISP networks overnight. Now that BNSL is in a position to provide ISP’s in global markets with certainty about this world first technology, it’s the right time to expand.”

BNSL chose the new European region as their first area of expansion because of the similarity in consumer and importing legislation. In parallel, BNSL was approached by another ISP in the Asia Pacific region where the debate between piracy and consumer rights is being waged by ISPs and media lobbyists very publically. Neither ISP has launched, and as such wish to remain private at this stage.

“We don’t think the internet was designed to stop people from surfing websites globally. Global Mode® enables ISP networks to provide an open Internet experience.” says Patrick Jordan- Smith, Co-Founder and Technical Director, “We believe open Internet access drives economic growth though the digital economy.” BNSL has been a vocal proponent for Net Neutrality. It’s founding principals are based closely on the OCED goals for an open Internet.

About Bypass Network Services Limited

BNSL provides PaaS products for residential Internet service providers to rapidly capture market share & reduce churn through differentiating their offer in a competitive market. BNSL invented a new way for customers to stream online content via their ISP. Global Mode® is the world’s first wholesale geo-unblocking solution.


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