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Online TV growth accelerates in 2014 with 388% YOY growth

Fri 24th Oct 2014

Adobe has released the Q2 US Digital Video Benchmark, the survey reports the growth of online video volume every six months. You’ll be blown away by the growth statistics which have been driven by streaming of major sporting events like the World Cup and the Winter Olympics. If you didn’t see it, Orcon’s online petition ( helping Kiwis persuade the NZRU to open up rugby games to live HD online streaming, freeing New Zealand fans from the restrictions of a SKY subscription clearly hit the mark.

According to the Adobe report “living room,” video streams all contributed to a 388% growth in online TV consumption over the previous year. The big growth spurt is for online TV, which refers to digital streams of TV programs. This is not surprising an in the US most major TV networks now offer programming through streaming video on demand (SVOD) platforms.

HBO said it plans to roll out an over-the-top service domestically in 2015 that won’t require a pay-tv subscription — a precondition to receiving the network over its 42-year history. While CBS is already available over the air for free, the broadcaster launched a $5.99 monthly package stocked with 6,500-plus episodes from 15 current primetime series, previous seasons plus live-streaming access to 14 of their local stations.

This will only continue to drive the growth forecast in Adobe’s report, which highlights an 85% increase in the number of unique visitors watching online TV over the past six months. Adobe also found that viewers watched 125% more movies than last year.

The main catalyst for this growth is increased viewership on over-the-top (OTT) devices, like game consoles. What isn’t surprising is that online TV viewership is “shifting from the computer room to the living room”.

Mobile devices are king. More than half of all online TV views came on iOS alone. Online video viewing behaviour differs between device types. Online video completion rates on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) lag behind completion rates on desktops, gaming consoles. Android app access type viewers are frequenting online TV content 58.5% more than they were a year ago.

Premium movie content is rising in the number of authenticated videos being watched. Movie network channel viewing frequency realised a 125% increase YOY as viewers look for more diverse content to stream, they appear to be turning to and engaging more with movie channels. While you can’t overlook the amount of content watched and number of hours is much less than traditional broadcast the growth statistics are still impressive. You can read the report online here.

U.S. Digital Video Benchmark Adobe Digital Index Q2 2014


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