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Regulatory Compliance

Bypass offers the lowest cost option for mobile and fixed line broadband providers to meet mandatory content blocking requirements.

Exponentially lower cost to scale

The Bypass platform is designed for mobile broadband and fixed line operators who have the requirement for to exclude or block the availability websites for regulatory compliance due to the local regulations.

The challenge is Year on Year mobile and fixed line user data growth is exceeding 100% in some markets. This causes major issues to for network operations to ensure customer performance is not impacted due to peak data.

Increased capital due to demand for data
Regular operational upgrades for server infrastructure
Increasing data centre hosting & infrastructure requirements

Fast to deploy with no management overheads

Bypass offers an alternative from traditional proxy solutions to provide compliance for any wholesale or access network type; mobile, fixed line or WIFI. Bypass provides a fully managed NFV content filtering platform which operates as a virtual appliance.

Reduce the cost of capital to deploy regulatory filtering
Reduce the cost of annual upgrade to maintain compliance
Monetise the service with a self-managed user policy UI which offers enhanced functionality, or offers automated opt-out based on local requirements

Scales with Users, not data

Superior User Privacy
Integrated Recursive DNS Caching
Flexible Network Provider Policy API
Adware Protection
Malware Protection and Outbound DDOS Prevention
Potential consumer and SME VAS Revenue
Pre-baked categorised lists with millions of domains
Ability to force enable Google & Bing SafeSearch

Factors     Bypass Platform     DPI ICAP / Web Proxy Firewall
Accuracy High High High No URL based policy; works on IP/port/protocol
Content Types Broad Broad No HTTPS, only HTTP Broad
Segmentation Possible Possible Limited Limited
Impact on Traffic Flow Low Impact Increase in traffic latency & processing load Increase in traffic latency Increase in traffic latency & processing load




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Regulatory Compliance


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