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Global Mode®

Please note: Global Mode® is no longer offered as a product by Bypass.

Global Mode® was the world's first value added geo-unblocking solution designed specifically for service providers. Global Mode® helped increase broadband uptake and broadband market share, whilst reducing piracy by enabling and encouraging users to pay for commercial streaming services. We no longer offer Global Mode but you can find out more how Global Mode reduced online piracy in our whitepaper.

Technology Adoption and Geo-unblocking: What we learned when deploying Global Mode®

Do you operate in a competitive market where there is no easy way to differentiate your broadband offering to consumers?
Global Mode® is designed for telcos to increase market share & reduce churn. Global Mode® creates mind share and differentiates your company.

Your customer will love you for enabling Global Mode® - Why is this?

Global Mode™ allows a broadband user access to paid streaming websites that would normally be unavailable in your region.

U.S Digital Video Benchmark

Adobe Digital Index Q2 2014

85% Surge in monthly unique viewing numbers for online TV in the past 6 months

146% YOY growth in online TV content consumption

125% YOY growth in movie network channel viewing frequency

Simple to implement for the end user
Global Mode® integrates into the telco network and can be automatically enabled or set up for user opt-in. This means the broadband user does not make any changes to their home network or download any software.

Full technical implementation in under 4 hours
We've built the platform so you don't have to. Global Mode® is the first wholesale geo-unlocking service deigned for telcos. The technical implementation for Global Mode® occurs in under four hours. We remove all the on-going maintenance and operations headaches for a fixed monthly fee.

Align your costs to increases in revenue without spending any capital
The commercial model is pay as you go, you cancel the service at any time, for any reason. We help you align your costs to increases in revenue, removing capital projects so you can launch within weeks.

We invented this method of geo-unblocking
We've been working in telcos for over a decade, so we designed technology that suits service providers based on experience Our 'stack' is proven to scale millions of users overnight. We provide the reporting & tools your help-desk and engineers need to self provision & diagnose.

Continual improvement is in our blood
We work closely with our technical user group and customers to upgrade the service all inclusive in the fixed monthly fee. There are no hidden costs.

Once you've launched, sit back and watch the uptake. Overnight, Global Mode® will become your most regularly used product. Get ready for the 'thank you' phone calls & social media likes.

Buy vs Build?

Speed to Market 3 Weeks 1 Year
Provisioning Time 4 Hours 3 Months
Capital Outlay Pay as you go Up to $1M
Dedicated Team
Specialized Wholesale Resource
ROI 2-3 Months 2-3 Years
Proven Ability to Scale
Budget Certainty Fixed Cost R&D & Variable Ops Costs
Continual Improvement




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