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We have two main areas in which we are experts

1  Transparent DNS filtering (Viper)

2  TCP Acceleration (Deluge)

Simply put - We make the internet perform faster.


VIPER processes over 2 Billion DNS queries a day

VIPER is the world’s first transparent DNS proxy software. VIPER sniffs all DNS traffic unobtrusively without impacting the performance of the DNS query.

The responsiveness of DNS directly impacts the perceived speed of accessing the Internet. We had to figure out how can we manipulate DNS to make the web work better, and be open without impacting the performance of normal traffic.

VIPER is fast; we can process 4,000 Requests per second per virtual core with sub 300 microsecond response times, by running on stock standard Ubuntu. “The Bypass platform powers Buddy Guard, Regulatory Filtering and GameX. With a single implementation, you can operate multiple products for lower operational overhead.


We provision networks, not users.

Four years of R&D; has been invested to create an NFV a platform that offers superior performance, as well as unrivaled reliability for product differentiation. What we ended up building after a year of R&D; was a platform that offered superior performance, as well as unrivaled reliability.

Built in Go, and deployed using Ansible, Deluge is quick & scalable.
We can’t elaborate too much; 3M don’t tell you how post-it notes work do they? What we say is we’ve improved TCP performance by around 85%.




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