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BNSL provides value-added-services for residential internet service providers to rapidly capture market share & reduce churn.

BNSL is a world leader in DNS technology, offering the world's first service-provider specific DNS service that provides per-user filtering capabilities. We process over 2.5 Billion DNS queries a day.

Safer online together

Buddy Guard™

More than 40% of children are victims of cyber crime and nearly 60% admit to hiding what they did from adults *
What are you doing about it? Buddy Guard™ makes it easy for ISP's to keep their customers families safer online.
* Source: NetSafe

The world is open

Global Mode®

We don't think the internet was designed to stop people from surfing websites globally, so while popular global content sites are usually blocked in your competitor's networks. Global Mode® lets your end users access websites in the US, UK and Asia without any local restrictions.
This increases customer loyalty and radically improves the cost to acquire new customers.

Global Mode® has been featured extensively by the world's leading media outlets.




Buddy Guard™

Smart Geo DNS


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