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BNSL PaaS Service Provider Partner Programme


Bypass Network Services Limited (BNSL) is the world’s first global geounblocking DNS specialist wholesale service provider.

We work with challenger Internet Service and Hosting Providers that are looking to capture market share from incumbents, and provide application layer value add services. BNSL specializes in providing wholesale cloud services for ISP's. These services enable ISP's to launch added value products within weeks, removing unknown R&D; costs and lengthy capital-intensive projects.

The team at BNSL comes from a background operating wholesale global carrier grade networks for leading Asia-Pacific telecommunication providers.

BNSL’s lead PaaS offering is Global Mode®

Global Mode® offers an unprecedented impact on churn reduction of 50%, exponential adoption rates of 1:4 users within days. When integrated into traditional advertising campaigns, acquisition rates for retail ISPs are more than doubled.

BNSL's specialist experience in wholesale, network level, geounblocking DNS services is globally unique. Our team is responsible for inventing the multi-tenant network level method of geounblocking.

Since launching in June 2013 BNSL has maintained 99.99% uptime and currently support over 200,000 users on the Deluge™ platform. On multiple occasions the platform has experienced influxes of 1,000% growth, almost overnight as new ISP's adopt the service, with no interruption to service.

Ideal Partner

  • Strong ISP Relationships or Hosting Provider
  • Looking for innovative solutions to differentiate the value you provide your clients or wholesale channel
  • Understand the PaaS model & have a mature services business

Benefits for the Partner

  • It's easy to switch to Global Mode®
  • Free trial at no cost to the customer
  • Low provisioning fees lower the barrier to adopt
  • Margin rich annuity revenue streams
  • Global Mode® is platform and network agnostic
  • Commission for the life of the customer
  • Short sales cycle, typically under one month
  • BNSL manages all support overheads
  • Unique solution that improves vendor stickiness
  • Option for exclusivity in region
  • On-going R&D; at no additional cost

What is included?

  • Wholesale Portal
  • Network Status API
  • Cloud based integration project tools
  • CPE Documentation/Video
  • Support for VM & Ubuntu implementations
  • New region and new domains all-inclusive
  • Region Switching
  • Operations & Support Documentation
  • Viper™
  • Deluge™
  • Option for retail license model
  • Option for Buddy Guard™
  • Regular briefing & account management
  • CPE vendor relationship & testing
  • Device testing out-of-market consumer devices
  • Feedback into roadmap

Additional Revenue Options

  • Once Global Mode® Retail MoU is in place, the ISP invariably see’s a need to implement caching hardware for Netflix traffic virtually immediately. BNSL recommends Qwilt.
  • Integrated into the same technology stack which powers Global Mode® is a second APRU product stack to increase product revenue, which requires no additional network upgrade to activate - Buddy Guard™

BNSL Partner Program Features

Non-Exclusive Associate Exclusive Associate
Model Referral / Direct Direct
Margin Structure Recurring Commission Payment Agreed Wholesale Rates
New users per year No minimum user numbers Minimum user levels apply
Support NZ Business Hours 24/7
Partner Portal
Internal Usage Discount
Partner Branding
Marketing Support Standard In region as required
Deployment Hosted Hosted
Dedicated Partner Manager
Marketing Executive Support
Market Updates
Media Response Roadmap
Consumer Rights PR Support

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