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About Us

We believe open internet access drives economic growth through a digital economy.

Our goals are to:

1  Promote and protect the global free flow of information

2  Promote an open, distributed and interconnected nature of the Internet

3  Promote investment and competition in high-speed networks and services

4  Promote and enable the cross-border delivery of services

5  Encourage multi-stakeholder co-operation in policy development processes

We're a smallish company with big ideas

There might not be many of us, but we complement each other well, and our team consists of carefully handpicked individuals who specialise in networks, software development, design, marketing and communications. We've all got our strengths, and a few weaknesses, but we all share the ambition to create great things for the web, and use each other's expertise to realise our goal of making the web a better place.

Patrick Jordan-Smith
Relihan Myburgh
Chief Technical Officer

Manish Arora
VP Engineering - South Asia
Harkaran Sachdev
Territory Manager - India
Shane Hobson
Territory Manager - NZ & Pacific Islands
Meghan Dawson
Marketing Executive




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