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Buddy Guard™

Clean DNS and Parental Controls for telcos and mobile operators

The two biggest concerns for parents with kids and teens online are:

1  Inappropriate content.

2  Amount of time spent on-line.

Parents are reluctant to admit or imagine that they might lose control.
They also micro-manage and hover when children are younger.

Traditionally, software options must be downloaded and maintained and are hard to configure.
Also, software options only cover a single device and are security focused.

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Safer Online Together

Buddy Guard™ is a value added service, which allows a telco to provide its customers with the ability to implement parental controls on their home broadband and/or mobile devices.

Agile Deployment

Buddy Guard™ takes just 4 hours to install; you can be live with a new product in market within weeks. Use our API or hosted html5 customer portal which includes continual improvement and automatic upgrades. We manage the operations development overheads & updates.

Enhanced ROI

Traditional Proxy Solutions filter all traffic, using Buddy Guard you filter less than 1%, lower your upfront hardware capex by up to 80% and shift to a performance-based managed services contract to reduce opex. Investment payback is typically under nine months.


Help your customers protect their loved ones from Internet harm, stop their kids using social media during the time they should be doing homework and prevent their teens from accessing pornography or downloading illegal movies.

Keep kids safe - protect kids from seeing inappropriate websites.
No Facebook during dinner. Block online gaming & social network use during homework or family time.
Prevent illegal downloading – prevent teens cutting off home Internet with a copyright notice.

End-User Experience

Customers are aware of online threats and are looking for their ISP to provide a solution. Unlike software that must be downloaded, your customer can simply click to activate Buddy Guard™ on your online portal.

Doesn't slow the PC down, no software to install or worry about keeping up to date, Buddy Guard™ is always up to date.
Covers every device on the home broadband network, from PCs all the way down to tablets, phones, and even fridges and ovens!
Easy for the end-user to self-activate and manage. Fully integrated management interface allowing simple or granular control.

How it Works

Managed services don't require upfront capital and can be deployed with minimal marketing effort into your existing base, using your brand.

Install BNSL's light virtual appliance inside your ISP network and activate integrated account log-in settings.
Create a marketing campaign teaching parents to set aside time to discuss appropriate online behaviour and create age-appropriate "house rules" about how computers, smartphones and gaming systems are used at home.
Enable users to switch on Buddy Guard™ via the managed portal using the out of the box user settings provided or custom filters.
Increase revenue from a higher value service bundle or unique cross-platform offer designed to lift APRU and improve plan mix.

Scalable & Fast

Buddy Guard™ sits inside the ISP network to prevent any work arounds in the local network.

BNSL's VIPER technology means the Buddy Guard filtering stays fast even under the harshest conditions. The average processing time is under 300 microseconds per query.
Buddy Guard™ is proven to scales to millions of users without impacting the end user experience. Easily scale horizontally by deploying new instances of the filter, no additional licensing required.
Multiple integrated global blacklists mean we have vast coverage across every category.
Ensure network compliance. Buddy Guard helps you meet your legal requirements for enforcing illicit site blocking.

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Buddy Guard™

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