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GameX offers enhanced network performance on the global internet to improve the gaming experience when connecting to international gaming servers and console networks.

GameX is offered as a managed service and pay as you go model, to increase APRU in a high growth target segment and drive fibre uptake market share.

Game devices are present in 98% of family homes.

Video games are now played by 67% of people.

The average gamer is now 34 years old.

Pay as you go model.

Increase APRU in a high growth target segment.

Drive fibre uptake market share.

Source* The Digital New Zealand Report for 2016 released by The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association.

End User Experience

Delivered using a combination of proprietary network acceleration and resiliency technologies and dedicated high priority links Bypass can reduce ping time and jitter to enhance a gamer's experience.

Offered as a revenue share & pay as you go to minimise the financial risk to launch and increase APRU.
GameX is an extension to your existing network connection which reduces jitter and latency and ping times to world's most popular game servers.
GameX prioritises your end users traffic over the global Internet to improve the in game experience.
Position your brand as an innovator and attracts market share in a high growth / premium target segment.

How it Works

GameX is a super-set of the Deluge functionality specifically designed for supporting excellent gaming experiences.

As well as windowing improvements, GameX adds fast-pathing of game sessions using priority queuing transporting techniques and smart selection of exit node to get close to the game servers.

GameX also prevents TCP window collapse which can cause severe jitter and latency in real-time gaming sessions causing the user a lot of frustration and due to being disadvantaged in competitive gameplay due to their location.

GameX is not a traditional ‘advertising based’ product launch, it involves establishing a community, gaining underground support by creating exclusivity and generating buy-in. Talk to us about how to launch your beta community and generate product demand with customer lead product evolution.




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